Andy Warhol Sarzana

The Exhibition

Andy Warhol: Sarzana è Pop
24/11/2017 - 5/03/2018
Fortezza Firmafede - Sarzana (SP)

The exhibition

Andy Warhol Sarzana è Pop

200 works by the American artist that will be exhibited at the Cittadella

The Andy Warhol exhibition is worthy of prestigious and well – known ex position spaces, which will make the town of Sarzana like other italian cities, about the proposal of art exhibitions. This is the right definition for this art show. Andy Warhol is the famous “father” of Pop Art and his exhibition will be held at Fortezza Firmafede, from 24th November 2017 to 5th March 2018, and that will bring thousands of tourists in the town. Sarzana chooses to make a tribute to one of the most important and influential 20th – century artist, after thirty years of his death. The artistic heritage of Andy Warhol and Sarzana’s exposition is a great success, curated by Eugenio Falcioni, scholar, expert and one of the leading collector of American artist; and, by Matteo Bellenghi, who will offer some exclusive work of arts, and one of the most important Polaroid collections.

The mayor, Alessio Cavarra, said: “The Andy Warhol exhibition and his 200 work of arts enables to Sarzana, of joining at the group of cities, that are able to contain big art exhibitions. This was a goal, that we have proudly achieved”.

There is never been in Italy, a small town like Sarzana, that was able to contain a similar ex position: just cities like Milan, Genova, Florence. The coucilor responsible of culture said: “ Some months ago, we have contained an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci machines, and it has been a great success. So, we have decided to continue on this way as we have done with Helene De Beauvior exhibition. Today, we are really happy to offer the ex position of a known artista s Andy Warhol”.

The exhibition will have more aims and interpretations: from one side, the exposition’s idea and enjoyment, divided in more sections, that will allow to under stand the “modus operandi” of Andy Warhol, in anthological way (from the early 1950s, including the very rare accessories designs, until the last production before the death in 1987); in the other side, the possibilità of an educational – scientific interpretation, that will be instructive and, also, funny for the students, through the organization of some workshop, and the exhibition of the accurate depiction. Among the most fascinating curiosities of the exhibition, there will be the parallelism between Andy Warhol and the famous Amiga 1000 Commodore Computer: by installing a floppy disk, i twill be possible to project into the original Amiga 1000 of the original designs, by Andy Warhol in person, during the promotional meetings, promoted by the same Commodore. In the exposition, among other works, there will be the iconographic silk screening of Marilyn Monroe, the portrait of Mick Jagger, Mao Tze Tung, the renowned and absolute Campbell’s soup, the Panthenon Vesuvius, the series of drag queen Ladies and Gentlemen, to the fairy tales of writer Christian Andersen, to the polaroids of celebrities like Ron Wood, Silvester Stallone, Grace Jones, as well as popular self portraits.

In summary


The exhibition is curated by Eugenio Falcioni
– among the major collectors of the artist – and Matteo Bellenghi, the first in the city dedicated to a character of his caliber. It brings together works that Warhol created with the most diverse techniques, demonstrating its versatility: serigraphs, drawings, Polaroids and photographic acetates, some of them unpublished.

The Workshop

The exhibition will be enriched by workshops on the theme organized specifically for school groups and by the possibility of interacting, by inserting a floppy disk on an original Amiga 1000 computer, with works of art: the screening of digital drawings by the protagonist of the exhibition on the occasion of the promotional meetings organized by the Commodore.


If you want you can bring home a souvenir of the exhibition, on the first floor of the Fortezza Fimafede you will find the "Book shop" with merchandising and local products by the Consortium of merchants.


The Firmafede Fortress is an extraordinary military complex built in 1492 for purposes of military defense and currently used as an exhibition venue; the configuration of the building makes it suitable for exhibitions of works that have in themselves a particular expressive power able to deal with the monumental / military value of the building.

The Gallery

A glimpse of what you will find

Unpublished works, workshops, collections

Campbell’s soup

Andy Warhol

Campbell’s soup - Andy Warhol

Mick Jagger

Andy Warhol

Mick Jagger - Andy Warhol



Exhibition Manifesto

Grace Jones

Andy Warhol

Grace Jones - Andy Warhol

Mao Tze Tung

Andy Warhol

Mao Tze Tung - Andy Warhol

Popular Phrases
Andy Warhol personaggio

Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.

Andy Warhol 6 august 1928 - 22 february 1987
Andy Warhol personaggio

I take the camera with me wherever I go. Having a new film to develop gives me a good reason to wake up in the morning.

Andy Warhol 6 august 1928 - 22 february 1987
Andy Warhol Personaggio

An artist is a person who produces things that people do not need, but that he, for some reason, thinks it's a good idea to give them.

Andy Warhol 6 august 1928 - 22 february 1987

The Place

The City of Sarzana

Artistic and cultural city of great importance

The City of Sarzana

Sarzana is a town in the province of La Spezia. Since ancient times it was an agricultural, commercial and strategic center of great importance. In the Middle Ages it was an important religious and legal center, with the bishop's and the court's seat. Cultural city of great importance, boasts of: military architecture (Fortezza Firmafede, Castello della Brina, the towers and the gates of the village), religious architecture (churches of the historic center) and civil architecture (palaces, villas, monuments).

Look at Sarzana from above

The Firmafede Fortress which hosts the exhibition

Foto di Sarzana e della fortezza firmafede

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It is possible to buy the tickets at Fortezza Firmafede Ticket Office, at Promozione Turistica in San Giorgio Square (Sarzana), or by VivaTicket.
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