Eventi Arte Cultura Sarzana - EACS, un sito per promuovere Sarzana
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    Live Sarzana in a special way!
    [Eventum:extraordinary event]

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    First of all the emotion,
    only after understanding
    [Paul Gauguin]

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    The culture is the life, and the life is beautiful
    [Roberto Benigni]

EACS Events Art Culture Sarzana

EACS is a project for Sarzana’s town with the goal of promoting an excellent events’ selection in the whole Italy

The Municipal District of Sarzana

This project was born to promote the excellent events, supporting by the municipalità, and organizing in the aerea

To communicate

Is the mayor goal that we have: this website wants to be a comunicative way to promote the most important events in Sarzana’s town

To Intrigue

We want to make curious the user about the possible activities in Sarzana, through the first website, dedicated to the most exclusive events.

EACS, A Website to promote Sarzana

EACS wants to draw the image of the territory, through its events, to attract the people and the resources, useful for promoting the local development. The cultural stimuli are the basis of the building of a successful image.

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